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We know you want the best and most efficient refrigerator repair available on the market today.

That’s why our team members are committed to providing premium quality refrigerator repair in Las Vegas NV. Why wait any longer to resolve your refrigerator repair issues? With just one simple phone call, you can be on your way to having a fully functioning kitchen again. Don’t hesitate; get your old house back as soon as possible.

Our technicians show up on time and ready to help eliminate your appliance issues. If you reside in or around Las Vegas NV and are seeking refrigerator repair or refrigerator parts, we can help!

Our valued staff members are equipped to work on all makes and models of refrigerators. We detect and fix your major appliance issues. We are able to replace all refrigerator parts for any unit on the market. So call to book an appointment today for refrigerator maintenance, refrigerator parts in Las Vegas NV, and any other services needed.

We have helped a large number of satisfied customers in Las Vegas NV. Why not join our string of dedicated customers? We know that once you give us the chance to earn your trust and your business, you’ll choose us for your future refrigerator repair in Las Vegas NV. Reach out to us today, we know you’ll be glad you did.

You deserve well functioning appliances in your home. Give your household what it deserves, nothing but the best. Get the most out of your kitchen by also ordering regular maintenance. Las Vegas refrigerator repair is at your fingertips. Dial the number on the screen and we’ll be on our way.

Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

A mini fridge can be appealing given its compact design. However, it is an additional appliance that costs you money for every second it’s in use. Depending on the model you own, a mini fridge could easily run $20 to $80 a year in energy usage. This may not seem like much, but this unnecessary luxury will cost more in energy than it cost to purchase by the time its life is over. If it doesn’t change much in your home, or you really want to cut energy costs, then stick with using the refrigerator in your kitchen.


Innovative Appliance Repair of Las Vegas

3310 N Durango Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89129

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we're open 7 days a week, 8AM - 8PM
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